October 10th, 2009

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I'm feeling rather down at the moment.  The house is desperate for some repairs.  We have rain pouring in through the kitchen bay when it rains, one our walls is growing moss - kitchen wall funnily enough and there is a big wet patch on it.  The window frames are rotten and the wood has gone all spongy and we have no downstairs lights.  Coming up with the finance to cover all this is my responsibility.  I've contacted the local council for a grant - no can do - I'm waiting for them to ring me to find out if I can get a special mortgage with them.  I've applied for a couple of loans - the one reply I've had had an interest rate of 20+% and the other one is still an unknown.  The first one also only offered £5000 and we need about 3 times that much to make any sort of dent in the work.  Yesterday I went to Focus DIY with Carl and bought moss killer for the wall, liquid silicone for the wall when the moss dies and a low pressure garden spray to put them on with.  It's £50 spent just to do a holding action, but there's no way we can do anything else.  Oh yes and I bought a little lamp to give some light in the sitting room.

Never mind - these things are meant to try us and I know that I'll bounce back in a few days.  Tony's mother, sister and brother-in-law are visiting this month and I'm looking forward to that, but wonder what they'll make of the house! 

Ourdert has a friend visiting from South Africa - Azi and her 5 month baby Kyle.  Apparently if we were in Cameroon (where they both come from) we would be Mum and Dad as terms of respect, apparently they wouldn't call an older person by their first name.  So, we've become mum and dad - in name as well as choice. 

Tosh (rabbit) is sneezing like agood 'un.  He's moulting and for some reason he is allergic to rabbit fur - and dust - and not getting his own way.  Both the rabbits get sneezes - they have pasturella - they've had loads of antibiotics which did nothing - but poor Tosh is sneezing a lot at the moment.
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