September 17th, 2009

Jigsaws & Alice's Book

I'm busy making jigsaws out of some of poliphilo 's pictures at  They can only be seen by buddies - of which I have a grand total of none.  If you enjoy jigsaws and would like to do these, just let me know your name and email at and I'll add you - and stop being a 'Billy no mates' type person (lol).

Also my step-daughter - poliphilo  (Tony's) daughter has a book coming out on the 26th September - already available at Amazon.  There is a review  We are going to the launch on 26th at Waterstones in Leicester and no doubt poliphilo  - and possibly myself - will be posting pictures etc.  If you want to come, it;s in the afternoon.

PS  Notice the new picture?
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