August 28th, 2009

28th August

Today is both my 55th Birthday (thank youdaisytells  for the birthday message) and our 18th wedding anniversary.  I can honestly say that without the second I probably wouldn't have made it 55 - dramatic statement I know.

Before I met Tony I was at a very, very low ebb.  So very depressed, eating and smoking myself to death.  Drinking a lot.  No money for my bills.  Then I answered an ad in our local evening paper.  I don't know -what he saw in me - I had a curly perm - which he hated, I smoked at least 40 cigarettes a day and my personal hygeine was poor - I didn't care about myself.

Whatever it was I'm glad he recognised my potential.  He was worried that because I had been a pub landlady and a drinker that I'd want to go to pubs all the time, but I hated the pub scene - it was because of that that I'd become a drinker.  I'd been in hospital just before I met Tony and wasn't drinking - and haven't done since - apart from odd social drinks.  I answered his ad on Thursday, he rang on Saturday and arranged to meet me after work on Monday 29th of April, I moved in about a fortnight later (officially, I'd actually been there a week longer) and we married exactly 4 months after meeting - and 3 months from booking the wedding.

The rest they say is history.

Since then I have learnt to love myself, learnt about Art and Theatre, read Dickens, Austen, the Brontes, Virginia Woolfe, Iris Murdoch and other 'difficult' writers. I've become a Priestess and a listener.  I love people.  I can interact with children, which I couldn't - I didn't know how.  Nowadays I'm quite proud of who I am.  And Tony - well he's like a good wine - just keeps on improving. 

Oh and another good thing about the person I've become is that I am very close to my brother and family - Keith (brother) and I didn't know one another and didn't like what we did know.  Now Ruth (sister-in-law) is my closest friend - without Tony none of this would have happened.  Is it any wonder that I love him to bits?
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