August 13th, 2009


I get heartily sick of spam emails, so far today I've had 69.  I get Hagar the Horrible and Garfield straight into my inbox everyday and most of the spam started at the same time - could be coincidence I suppose.

The most prolific must be the penis extension ones.  This assumes that a)  I'm a man and b) that as a man I'm unhappy with my sex life.  Some of the titles for these are ridiculous, just recently I've had:

Increase your little friend and she'll bake you apple pies!  -?????

Women won't be able to resist your new improved size!  - what are you supposed to do - show it to them in the street?

Give her something worth having!

Then I get the viagra ads.  The fake rolex watches.  The fake diet pills.  Free stuff, that always seems to have a catch to it .  The Nigerians who want to give me millions of pounds.    The lotteries I've won that I never entered - Carl once got one of those through the post asking for £60 so that they could send him his cheque for millions - he told them to take it out of his winning - he never heard from them again.  The banks - that I don't have accounts with - explaining that unless I sign in I'll lose access to my account.  Canadian pharmacies telling me I don't have to pay as much for drugs, because they assume that I belong to a country where you pay for your drugs.

The one that really, really bugs me - having just finished my degree - is the ones telling me I can send a cheque and get a degree or a Masters or even a Phd without doing any studying at all.

I suppose the most upsettig thing about all this, is that people still fall for the scam ones.  We often hear on the news of old people who have given all their savings to these scam mercants.  In a way it's their own fault.  They know that they're not entitled to millions of pounds, or that what the Nigerian Prime Minister's lawyer is suggesting is illegal, but they sign up anyway.

When will people learn that it's okay blaming the spammers and scammers, but if no-one replied, they'd soon give up.

Now where's that miracle pill that will lose me a stone in a day!
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