March 26th, 2009

Ourdert, Fabrizio and Me

As I don't have any children of my own and Ourdert doesn't have any family in this country - and not much anyway - we came to an agreement that I would be granny to Fabrizio.  Ourdert is such a lovely, kind girl who treats me like a big sister or mother figure.

poliphilo  gave Fabrizio his first haircut yesterday - a job usually done by the childs father or grandpa - so that worked out okay.  He's posted a cropped picture on his page, but I want to post one that includes the top of my head!  In the original there was a light over Ourdert's head, which looked odd - so we sort of airbrushed it out - and according to himself - it looks 'ghastly, an awful scribble'.  While I sort of agree, I just want to post the picture:

and another one:

Fabrizio is 21 weeks old and hates sitting down - he so wants to be able to walk
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