November 2nd, 2008

My visit to Scotland

Those of you who are also friends of

poliphilo  will know that we've just spent a few days in Scotland and travelling down a little of the east coast of England - those of you who aren't should have a look at the photos he's been posting - they're excellent.

He loves to visit castles, priories and old churches - especially old churches - preferably pre 17th Century - anything after that is considered modern and dismissed out of hand.

I hadn't realised just how many 12th and 13th century churches that there were between St. Andrews and Sunderland!  Many of you will know that I have mobility problems and either use a wheelchair or a walker to get about.  Not many of these places are very crip friendly (you'd have thought, with all the armour they used to wear, they'd have put lifts in or something (lol))


So what do I do while he's snapping away - I end up either sitting in the car reading a book, or like at Wallwork sitting in the middle of the Bailey all wrapped up listening to the commentary about the inside,

or, if there aren't too many steps walking around using my walker and hoping that I don't fall over (me being the driver).  At Riveux I sat in the museum and read about the lives of the monks, and sometimes, I get to sit in a cafe and have coffee and a bun.

This sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm not.  It is so much fun being with [info]poliphilo when he's all excited about the places we're visiting, and he is so protective of me - and my health.  He will push me up hills, help me over ruins, carry my wheelchair and my walker up and down steps and wouldn't dream of stopping where I don't want to. 

Plus, I love driving.  When I worked, I should have got a driving job.  I'd love to drive a bus, or a coach, or an hgv, what fun!

One crazy thing on the visit was my reaction to the Collegiate Church of the Seton Family is just how panicky I got.  I had this terrible fear of being shut in.  It started in a little rook off to the left in the photo, but even when I was sat on what's left of the nave - out in the fresh air - the fear was stil there.

[info]poliphilo  thinks it may have been because it was a burial place now, but I don't know.