August 10th, 2008

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Well we went to buy some more rabbit food from Pets @ Home.  They now do rabbit adoptions, and they had this female who suffers from phantom pregnancies and bites - so I talked Tony into buying her for me.

It took the girls in the shop about 10-15 minutes to get her - she bit one of them - one girl kept trying to throw a fleece over her.  That girl didn't want us to have her as she doesn't think that this poor hormonal girl could be put with other rabbits. 

We've sectioned off a space in the rabbit room - she and Tosh (Netherland Dwarf male) have already had a fight through the bars and Tosh is now chasing the other female - Tish - around to show her that he's still the boss.  The new one had been called Sally in her first home and Tiffany in her second one - and we've called her Tasha.  Now we have Tosh, Tish and Tash.

I've had to promise

poliphilothat I won't 'persuade' him to get any more pets - but she'd been in Pets @ Home for 4 months, everytime someone saw how hard she was to catch and how aggressive she was they backed away.  Here she'll get peace from humans, neutered when she's settled in and a home for life.




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