April 23rd, 2008

Lighting Candles

I love the idea of lighting candles for people/animals.  I belong to a Rabbit forum http://forums.rabbitrehome.org.uk/ and we're often asked for healing vibes for different animals.  

Actually lighting and monitoring candles is a bind.  You have to have lots of candlesticks lying around and, of course, lots of candles.  We keep one candle lit most of the time in which I can picture whoever getting well or happier or passing their driving test - whatever is needed -but I can't really light individual candles.  

At the rabbit site we've been lighting candles for some red eyed white NZ rabbits that the police 'arrested' as they think they are 8 of a group of 129 that were taken by Animal Liberationists and then dumped, in a cardboard box, on a rescue in the Midlands.  They've taken them for dna testing and we are hoping that once the test comes back - about 6 weeks - they'll be returned.  They were originally bred for food or laboratory use, and as these 8 are now neutered and vaccinated, they are unuseable for either.

Anyway back to my point, someone has brought out a virtual candle site http://www.gratefulness.org/candles which is brilliant.  If a group of you are lighting ones for the same cause you can group them together.  Otherwise you can light your individual ones.  The candles burn for 48 hours and it is very tastefully done.  I've just checked it - to get the address - and at the moment 14,888 candles are burning from 125 different countries.  I love it.  

While I was there I lit one for all my lj friends, with love.  I hope it adds a little light to your day.

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