October 26th, 2007

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It's been ages since I posted anything on here.  I've had nothing really to say and I'm not much of a writer anyway.

I go to an exercise class on a Monday called Sit and get Fit.  We do all our exercises sitting down.  We use resistance bands, dumbells, stretches and gentle movements of the head and neck.  Did you know that if you throw your head back - say you fall asleep on a low back sofa and your head drops back, sort of thing - it can kill you!  If a hairdresser pulls your head back hard at a backwash that can too.  Apparently Mrs. Thatcher had that happen and afterwards she got a blood clot and is now pretty gaga, all from someone dragging her head back. So be warned :)

I've been picking up lots of semi useless information like this recently but most of it goes in one ear and out the other.

Today I went out, as usual on a Friday, with my sister-in-law Ruth.  We went to quite a posh little town nearby, Wilmslow.  We trawl the charity shops wherever we go, I buy soft toys and she buys all sorts of stuff, mainly for her daughter as they don't usually have much in large sizes.  In Wilmslow, however, I saw a nice top for Poliphilo - a sweatshirt - £20 (about $38) there were shoes at £45 ($86).  There were also 2nd hand cds at £5 ($9) when you could buy them new for less in Woolworths.

Mind you there were handbags in the shops for £650 ($1200).  How can anyone justify spending that on a handbag - nothing special to look at , just a handbag - leather - sickly green and and a funny brown colour.  This is the area where the WAGs of the Northern footballers live and shop.  Everything is so big and gaudy - the jewellry looks like it comes out of a cracker with price tags of many  £1000s.  It's obscene.
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