March 14th, 2006

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For the last month or so I've been living with a husband - poliphilo - who has spent most of his waking - and sleepng - time in the 16th Century.  The result of this is that there is a new purchas book starting today.  If you fancy a read just click on purchas and you'll go straight to it (and book number 1).  

For a short time poliphilo will focus on things around him - me especially I hope! - but I know that in a day or a week he'll get that look in his eyes and I'll have lost him to an earlier century again.  If I didn't like his books so much I'd probably get exceedingly ratty with him.

Anyway.  My wound is healing.  I now have a 3cm hole and a nice long scar.  Unfortunately as it heals the feeling comes back in it and it is starting to hurt.  poliphilo dresses it everyday for me, which means that I'm able to have a shower and in the main behave like a 'normal' person.

We booked last night to go and see alice_g in a play at Leicester Little Theatre on 26 April, and a hotel for the night.  It'll probably be the first major driving I do since the op and I can't wait.  Then we'll be going to Kent to see my mother-in-law.

I want to come off my beta blockers.  The doctor agreed to reduce them by half provided I promise to cut down to one cup of tea and one cup of coffee a day.  It'll help me to krink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.  I also have to continue with the weight loss - I was stopped from losing weight by the district nurses, but with his permission I'm back to it.  

On Sunday I went back to filling in my food and exercise diary and so far this week I'm only 8 calories over my limit - I'm with 
which is a wonderful site to help with calorie counting.  I'm trying to lose 1lb a week which gives me 1450 calories per day plus any I make by exercising.

That's my life up to date.  Except that for some reason I feel really good.  I hope it lasts.  And that all my friends feel good too. 
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