November 21st, 2005

Ow, ow, ow -- poliphilo make it go away

After not writing anything for ages I'm back with a whinge.  Last night I had pain like I couldn't have imagined.  Thought to be something to do with my gallstones.  Until I met poliphilo the most homely place I always wanted to be in was hospital.  This goes back to being ill as a child and prefering the treatment in hospital to that at home.  I would, at one time, have seen last night's pain as a perfect excuse to get to casualty and then into hospital, but I've changed so much that it is now my worst nightmare (as with normal people).  We went to 'Go to Doc' after speaking to a nurse on the phone, where I was given a stemetil injection and told to take extra morphine.  At this point I felt so sorry for poliphilo  - he's needle phobic and the doctor had him check the injection before he gave it to me.  So instead of being able to look away he has the full injection and the empty phial shoved right under his nose to check.  That is what makes him my hero.

Today the pain has died down a great deal but is still bubbling under.  Thank you to everyone of poliphilo 's friends who have sent me good vibes.  I reckon I'll survive - last night I didn't even want to!

Hope all my friends are feeling much better than I am :)

Big hugs to one and all (gently now)

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