September 24th, 2005

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For the last few weeks I've been dieting seriously - and exercising.  I have a pair of pedals - like an exercise bike but without the seat and handlebars and I'm now up to doing about 1.5 hours a day.  As the weight isn't coming off that wel, I've lost 8lbs in 7 weeks I bought a heart rate monitor, which arrived today (good old ebay).  I strapped it on and settled down to my usual pedalling and where the machine tells me I've burnt 500+ calories, the monitor reckons on just 111 - why - because my resting heartbeat is between 45 + 58 and you don't go into the zone until you're over 100.  I'm getting mine up to 98 or so but can't get into the zone.  So for all these weeks that I've had an extra 1000 or so exercise calories to eat each day it's realy been 200 - no wonder the weight isn't coming off.


Here we go again!!

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