September 5th, 2005

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For the last 20 years at least and in fact on and off since I was a child, I have had high pressure in my left eye.  Until I became a diabetic nobody really bothered about it, but now that they need to put drops in to check the backs of my eyes - which puts up the pressure - it has become more important that something is done about it.  My Optician sent me to the hospital who duly checked the pressure - hovering around 30 - I went to a clinic at the eye hospital and the pressure was high so it was decided that I would have laser treatment to reduce the pressure.  Last Friday I went to have my eye lasered.

The doctor - a nice Irish or Scottish Doctor -Doctor Ali - checked the pressure it was 14, absolutely rock bottom.  He checked it again an hour later and an hour after that, and each time it was 12 or 14.  He asked me to go back this morning and to be ready for a full day.  After checking my eye and getting a pressure of 14 - 3 times he sent me home, to go back as an 'emergency' a week on Wednesday afternoon.

The thing is that I am more contented, relaxed and laid back than I have ever been before in my life.   I used to be very, very judgemental - more of myself than others but of others too - but nowadays I can see no reason to judge anybody.   I'm eating healthily  with  I asked him if it could make any difference to my eye and he said definitely.  It isn't going to cure all my ills - my fibro is as bad as ever - I ache and need much more sleep than most people, I have days when all I can do is to lie in bed, but at least I accept that it and am content to do so

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