August 20th, 2005

Day out at the Lowry

As it was a sunny day we decided to go to the Lowry Centre in Salford Quays.  When Manchester was the pits Salford was the roughest part and then Salford Docks as it was called was the roughest of all.  it has Tower Block housing which has been done up, Gymns and swimming pools put in basement as sold off as Yuppie Housing.  The dock was all cleaned up, the area renamed The Quays and has become about the most upmarket part of manchester - if not the North West of England.  The Lowry is named after the artist (who I can't stand) and there is a theatre, art galleries, a designer outlet mall, cinema and if that's not enough it's only 8 minutes walk to Old Trafford Manchester United's football ground.  As it's our anniversary next weekend (same day as my birthday) we decided to have lunch in the posh restaurant.  The food was really good as was the service.  I had chicken and black pudding (it being a Northern traditional food) pate, rib eye steak and a strawberry & pistachio basket (phot later).  We walked for hours - we had to to walk off those calories and a good day was had by both poliphilo and I

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poliphilo  has for the first time in his life got a callous (sp?) on his hand from hard work - not a blister from cutting the bed up - or any other REAL work related thing but...

on his hand/wrist where he leans on the desk to use his mouse.  I wonder how many hours of use it takes to get a "Mouse mark".  It took me years to get one on my finger from writing on clock cards!

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