July 21st, 2005

Acupuncutre Massager

I'm feeling rough again.  I've spent today in my recliner chair, wrapped in a quilt and watching the cricket.  To help with this I've bought myself a '2 in 1 Acupuncture Massager'.  You touch it to your skin and press the plunger and it puts a small electric charge through you.  There's no batteries, apparently works on crystals.  I've tried it a few times today on different bits of me and it works.


When I'm feeling rough and especially when I'm exhausted I have an itch on my left shoulder blade that drives me crazy.  We've put Witch Doctor on it, ointment on it, antihistamine cream on it and nothing helps - there's nothing there, no mark anything.

Anyway on the diagram of the human body - where it shows you where to hit for what - on the left shoulderblade is the point to hit for fatigue -strange - so I'm going to get poliphilo to zap it before I go to bed.


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