July 10th, 2005

Sorting out the house

We've started sorting out my work room with a view to poliphilo  joining me in it and turning his work room into a spar/Joe's bedroom.  Joe is poliphilo 's youngest son and is in the army.  His mother is moving with her partner (who'se a methodist vicar) to London to a new parish and Joe doesn't want his base in the south.  His friends and girlfriend are in Bolton and he wants to stay up north.  So in a way he's moving in - or at least his gear is and we want to give him his own room - albeit with blow up mattress - we're working on sorting out just what he wants with him rather than in his absence - rather than move things round when he comes home on leave - it wouldn't be much like home that way. So poliphilo  has to give up his workspace.  In my work room is a single bed which has seen better days and so we're taking it to pieces.  It is a bed with lots of storage in and was, of course full.  As we can'tg et it downstairs without help (I'm no use) Tony is busy ripping it apart and is now charging his saw and will saw it apart in here (ouch - the noise - the mess).

But my brother has been here this afternoon and sorted out a wireless connection.  I'll be able to take my computer and stuff out of the way downstairs while Tony works and keep away from the muck - until it's time to clean up. 

It's busy, mucky and tiring in the Grist household at the moment.  We're at the stage where it is still getting worse before it can get better.  I expect we'll post pictures when we've done.

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