July 8th, 2005

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madbaker about presents we wanted at 7 years of age I said that my ideal was to go an live in the local children's home because they seemed to have more fun.  This isn't as sad as it sounds.  I lived at home with just one sibling - an elder brother with whom I fought all the time.  At my primary school we had 4 children - 2 girls and 2 boys from the home and they always seemed to get on well together.  The girls would either play together or apart, but always had that 'sibling' to go back to.  Of course now that I'm older and have listened to people talk who grew up in homes like this I realise how isolated they felt and how they stuck together because a lot of children picked on them.  They must have thought my attitude - jealous of them - weird.  (Iran away from home at 7 to go to the children's home - my brother helped me pack and carried my bag to the bus-stop for me, if he'd have had the money for the bus (I didn't) he'd have probably put me on it and waved me off)

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