June 27th, 2005

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The Zone Diet sort of fizzled. My body got used to it and the energy I'd found evaporated. So I gave up, which is okay up to a point but as I find it very difficult to control my portion sizes I started putting weight on again. Just before I started on the Zone diet I was listening to a cd by Paul McKenna - hypnosis about reducing portion sizes so when I saw his 'new' book in the shops I Can Make You Thin which comes complete with a 'mind re-programming' cd I decided to buy it.  The first thing he does is to spell out the difference between fat people and thin people's minds.  Most fat people obssess about food.  I know I do - I think about it all the time and whenever I have anything to eat it doesn't really hit the spot and then I start thinking about what I should have had that would have - tasted better - been more satisfying - make me feel good - etc.,  Most thin people (poliphilo  agrees here) think about food when they need to, eat it, feel full and move on.  So the idea of the book is not to diet but to re-programme the mind so that I start thinking as a thin person.  The four criteria are:- 

1.  When you are hungry - eat.

2.  Eat what you want not what you think you should have.

3.  Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful.

4.  Stop eating when you think you're full.

Like many obese people I don't know when I'm full.  My mechanism bust a long time ago, but he helps with that too:-

When you've had enough food the taste of each mouthfull deteriorates, so once the taste has peaked and you notice that it's started tasting worse - stop. 

Always aim to leave food on your plate - even if only a chip - this helps get you out of the 'Clean Plate Club' that our parents put us into.  It doesn't help the starving in other countries.

This is my digest of it all anyway.  So my scales have been pushed under the wardrobe - how many of you slim people weigh yourselves daily/weekly - from here on in my clothes will tell me whether it is working or not. 

I also have to learn to look at myself and see any good points not just the bad - I'm working at it.  Thankfully poliphilo is always very supportive of me, telling me I look good etc., and I do think I've got a friendly face.

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