June 23rd, 2005

Awake -- Finally!

As anyone who follows poliphilo 's journal knows we got back from holiday on Friday evening.  I'd done very well, walked up a huge (to me - about 500 yards to anyone else) steep hill to the hotel at least once a day, climbed the 99 steps to Girona Cathedral and did various other excursions that involved walking and had a wonderful time.  I found out that I don't sunburn - I get these red marks all over my legs (if I could join them together they'd look like sunburn) and the rest of me goes an interesting bright red colour and I get covered with tiny little blisters - not pretty - but my hat came in handy though being made of paper it's gone a bit of a funny shape after being out in the rain one day.  Like I say the holiday was brilliant and I will upload some pictures soon, but since I came home i've done nothing but sleep, I think I'm coming out of it now - I've managed to remain awake for 12 hours today although I'm yawning a lot.

Like they say it's nice to go wandering but it's great to come back home - and to my little car.

The weather here is amazing.  Everyone knows that if we get 80 degrees for a day it's a heat wave - well it's been like that all week.  we had torrential rain and thunder on sunday and are due it again tomorrow - but apparently we're short of water over here and will have to have hosepipe bans on even though it rained nearly all winter.

It's good to be back among friends and I'll read all your posts over the next few days - I'd have sent you all postcards but...

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