May 30th, 2005

The Car and - unusually - a Fine Bank Holiday

We got the car on Saturday poliphilo  looked like someone had just taken away his favourite toy.  partly because he wasn't sure I'd be up to driving it or that it would be up to being driven.  It's a lovely car to drive - it looks rough - it's white with a red line down the passenger side where Brandon had a nasty run in with another car - the driver of which insisted on taking all the blame, and refusing to swap insurers even though his car was a real mess - odd that.    Today, unusually for a Bank Holiday, the weather was beautiful and following on from last week's outing it was suggested that we might have another - only in our own car this time.  My mother, by the way, was horrified when I told her I'd been given this car - she didn't believe it would be safe, roadworthy or there was any other reason to have it, and she'd told me that we weren't to go out anywhere very far in it.  Although it has a hoist so that I can take my motorised wheelchair with me (we didn't today) and I can have greater freedom when we're out I'm a fool if I use it (her words).  So today we did about 130 miles on 1/4 tank of petrol (about £10).  We went over to Yorkshire so that poliphilo  could take pictures again, this time though he only took 55.

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