May 24th, 2005

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As today was the last day where we had use of my father's car (they're back off holiday tomorrow) we decided to go for a 'ride out'.  We set off towards Ribchester which is a small town with a Roman museum - it's about 40 miles from home.  We never got there.  We went to Whalley which has an old fallen down abbey - I had a coffee while poliphilo  wandered around taking pictures and then we headed in what he thought was the direction of Ribchester - he was map reading so it can't be my fault, and we missed it completely.  We ended up going round the Trough of Bowland which is one of the last areas in England to be de-forested and settled.  It's not that far from Pendle Hill (Witch country). 

Funnily enough just before I stopped driving the last place we went to was the Trough of Bowland.  Hopefully it's an omen and they're going to give me my license back.  It did me the world of good, I love driving and find it so relaxing, which is why I gave my licence in when I wasn't feeling well enough to drive - somebody would plead with me and I'd have driven - and possibly had/caused an accident.  I've been quite depressed since Brandon died - but his sister and brother (Ruth my sister-in-law and Ian) want me to have Bran's car.  It has a hoist in the back to load a motorised wheelchair - it's a station wagon - and would mean that I could go out (maybe even alone, if the panic attacks let me) loading and unloading my own chair and then go shopping maybe.

I've also got 2 essays to write before I go away one on poetry and one on how to write essays - I've nearly finished the poetry one, but I'm behind on my reading for the other one - I must get on with it.  Both essays are due when we're away so I'm losing time on them.


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