May 15th, 2005

A Bad Week

It's not been a good week for me.  On Wednesday Ruth's, my sister-in-law, brother Brandon (52) (our families have merged and to all purposes he was my brother-in-law) died, suddenly.  Okay he was never going to make old bones.  He'd lived life to the full and probably tried every illegal substance going over the years, also he smoked - and had emphacaema (sp?).  Hed' been in hospital 3 times since Xmas with a collapsed lung and depleted oxygen levels.  He'd been in 7 weeks this last time and would have been coming home this weekend or tomorrow.  He went for Physio, came back and lay on his bed - as you do after physio - and died.  His oxygen levels must have dropped and his heart just stopped beating.  When Ruth rang here she was in total shock you could here her teeth rattling and my heart goes out to her.  We'll be there for her when she needs us.  My parents are going away this week so I'll have their car at my disposal - and I'll be at Ruth;s.

On top of that I managed - somehow - to put on half a stone this week.  I've not eaten loads of sweets or chocolate, but I have eaten currant teacakes or hot cross buns for my tea each night and had rice twice in the week.  But half a stone - it's reckoned you need to eat an extra 3500 calories to put on 1 pound that means that, in theory, I'd have had to eat an extra 24,500 calories over the week.  My daily calories haven't reached anywhere near 3500 calories never mind having that many extra.  This is one of my problems with weight - I can dream I've eaten a heavy meal and put weight on.  O how I wish I was like poliphilo who can eat anything and never put any weight on at all.

I didn't do much cycling last week because my knees and hips are bad but it's a case of ignoring it and cycling anyway - I did 20 minutes last night and 30 minutes tonight.  Let's hope this week does a little better - although I do have a funeral to attend on Friday. 

Sweet Rest Brandon - you were loved.

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