April 29th, 2005

Christmas in April

It feels like Christmas to me this evening. This afternoonn I was brought, by the Disabled Student Allowance at the Open University - well not by them but they're paying for it - a brand new notebook and an ergonomic split keyboard, wrist rests, printer, scanner and on and on ... so that I can study more easily. In all it cost nearly £3000 and frankly I'm gobsmakked that I've got it all. Right down to software that will allow me - once it understands my version of English - to talk to it and it'll type for me.

Boy am I lucky.

And then comes the hard work of transferring everything of any importance over to the new machine - I don't see the point of trying to work on both. But believe me I don't mind - I'm just so grateful. Thank you Open University - and they rang me to persuade me to apply for the grant too!
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