April 19th, 2005

Slushy, slushy, slushy

Do you ever look at anyone and just feel totally overwhelmed by your feelings for them,  I suppose mothers do - like with a first look at their newborn?

I've done it this morning with poliphilo .  I looked at him and wham I was just choked by my feelings.  It's nice.  Love can at times be taken for granted in that deep down I know we love one another but this was - well indescribable.

Then there is real life.  I was lucky enough to have 2 appointments at my doctor's yesterday.  3pm a cervical smear with the nurse and then 3.20 see the doctor to get a form (about my driving licence) filled in.  It got to 3.15 and I'd not seen the nurse so I asked at reception what I should do.  The answer was that whoever buzzed for me first should inform the other one where I was.  It worked out that the nurse got there first and she put me on the doctor's list and not turned up (I'd alrady been there nearly an hour - I was early) and then put me as there when I left her.  I finally got in with the doctor at 4pm and he warned me that because I'm on morphine I might not get my licence back - ho hum.

I'd left poliphilo  at home as he isn't easy to be with at the doctor's at the best of time, never mind lots of waiting around, but when I got home (having rung him a couple of times to keep him up to date with what was happening) he was a wreck.  He'd been worried about whether I was coping - but at least he was a wreck in comfort rather than a wreck at the doc's (and away from me lol)

I love this photo

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