April 10th, 2005

Today's food

Headachy again today. poliphilo keeps doing healings on it for me which clears it for a while and then it drifts back again. At least the healings have meant that I've not needed any extra morphine. poliphilo has been all wound up because I'm at the hospital tomorrow which I couldn't understand, but then he asked me whether I'd have to stay in - he thought I was having my eye lasered tomorrow rather than just having to start all over again with a new doctor at the hospital - where all the tools are - rather than a clinic - who are efficient and know what to do but don't have the tools to do the job. I've explained to him and he's a lot better now!

Breakfast: Porridge with protein powder & sugar

Lunch. Salad with garlic sausage, cottage cheese & pineapple, fruit yogurt

Evening: 2 veggie sausages, 3 smoked bacon rashers, beans, fruit yogurt

Drinks: 1 glass of wine, 1/2 pint slimline tonic, 5 large decaf coffees
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