April 7th, 2005

Today's food

Not a lot happened today. My parents came round and told me all that is happening in their lives, then my mother went to the hairdressers and after another 20 minutes or so my father left too.

This evening my (or rather Khadijah's) manager came round to have her cards read. A few weeks ago it came up in general conversation that poliphilo and I used to read tarot cards and she asked if I'd read for her. I'd have said no but she's such a lovely person. She offered, when she was leaving, to put more people our way but I persuaded her that I'd teach her to read them and then she can do them for her friends. poliphilo and I went through a period when I'd just finished work, before my benefits were sorted out, that we were desperate for money and we both read cards - easily and with flair. Once the money was sorted out we seemed to lose the ability to read properly - although as long as you keep in mind that people are looking for answers to problems - most of the time just confirmation of the decision they've already taken, you can turn it round and get them to answer their own questions.

Breakfast: porridge with protein powder and sugar

Lunch: 2 tuna steaks thai style & mushy peas, cherry yogurt

Evening: smoked salmon & cottage cheese, oatcakes, fruit yogurt.

snack: kinder egg & pineapple

Drinks: 5 0r 6 large decaf coffees, 1/2 pint slimline tonic water.
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