April 5th, 2005

Today's Food

Today has been a better - much better - day.  poliphilo  got up as his usual rude and cheeky self and I discovered that I could eat more than porridge & chocolate.

It's been a day for parcels - fistly clothes from Cotton Traders, then 2 parcels which they tried to deliver when we were away, followed by Argos, and finally our new mattress.  When we were at my  mother-in-law's I thought I'd suffer at night because the bed was so soft.  Instead of which I slept better than I have for ages, so we discussed it and on Sunday I ordered a new mattress whic, as I said, arrived today.  As we're not sure about it - and don't want to throw out the old one - we've put it on top of the old mattress. 

Now we need a ladder to get into bed. lol

Breakfast:  Porridge with protein powder & sugar (again)

Snack:  kinder egg

Lunch:  2 thai chicken breasts & a black cherry mullerlight yogurt

Snack:  Processed turkey

Evening meal:  Cottage cheese with pineapple & mandarin orange with oatcakes & peach mullerlight yogurt (I've over ordered the yogurts)

Drinks:  4 large decaf coffees, 1/2 pint slimline tonic water

Then  poliphilo broke my extra large coffee mug - but I think I've found another one almost as big - it holds about 3/4 pint

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