March 21st, 2005

Today's Food

I've had a wonderful day today. My sister-in-law Ruth said that she would be round at 11, so I got poliphilo to make me a coffe at about five minutes to and I'd just finished it when she arrived at 11.30 - half-an-hour isn't bad for her, so I wasn't quite ready.  We then went over tomy parents where we had coffee and I got to listen to all the stories they told me over the last few Thursdays again (Ruth rarely sees them) - each one started with 'I don't know if Aileen's told you...'  This is to let Ruth know that they know she comes to see me and doesn't go 5 minutes out of her way to see them - half the time there not in and the other half they spend too much time making comments about her not going round.

After an hour or so I'd had enough so I said that we'd better be going and we went out to my dad's car - he showed me where everything was - it's an automatic so he explained that I should use it in D or R (I drove automatics 10 years before he did) and which was the indicator etc., etc.,  And then we were off.  It's 7 or so years since I last drove and I was very tense to begin with, but it was like I was used to the driving but I was in a car I hadn't driven before (which I hadn't) and had to get used to it.  I started gentle and then went onto a main road, the 50mph by-pass, the A627M (almost a motorway) then one of the busiest motorways in the country the M62 - through what is known as 'Death Valley' and onto the M66 a nice quiet motorway to Haslingden and there to an outlet mill.  We had lunch - which  I should have bought but Ruth did.  We shopped a little and then I drove back, fully relaxed - a 50 mile round trip.  And I loved it.  I told the parents when we got back that I was now available to take them anywhere they wanted to go if my dad didn't feel up to driving (he's getting very frail and it's my main reason for driving again) and they said I could borrow the car if they weren't using it.  They go away for 2 weeks in May so I'm hopeful I'll be able to use it then.  I can ride to their house in my motorised wheelchair, leave it in their garage, take the car and reverse it all later.

Breakfast:  Porridge with protein powder & 1.5tsp sugar

Lunch:  lamb steak, peas, chips,

Evening:  4 turkey sausages, 2 small seeded rolls, marmalade

Drinks:  3 large decaf coffees, 2 coffees, 1 pint iced water.


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