March 12th, 2005

Today's Food

It was my third tutorial today so we were up and out early to get the train - which had been replaced by a bus.  Luckily poliphilo and I are very similar in that we always like to be early for any appointment or else we'd have missed the bus and been late for the tutorial.   Today we went over Great Expectations and Fathers and Sons in view of Realism - setting, language, characterisation etc., etc.,  this is all so that we can attempt our next assignment - I intend to start my first draft tomorrow - if I sleep okay tonight.

After I'd had my injections on Monday I spent most of the day asleep - like a lot of people sleep is how I deal with illness, trauma etc., so in all I must have spent 16 or 17 hours asleep between Monday lunch and Tuesday morning.  So I think I must have slept myself out this week and for the last 2 nights I've had long periods of being awake.  If tonight follows suit I'm going to get up and start work on Frankenstein - it's never failed to put me to sleep yet! lol

poliphilo  has found a restaurant - and Indian one - which he really rates and we've been going there after tutorials (and last Saturday) for lunch.  I think it a nice idea if we carry on going on a Saturday until he's fed up of it.  We very rarely go out and it's a nice break.  The boss and waiter at the restaurant recognise us now and rush to open the door and help us in with the wheelchair.  They then make sure we are sat where there is room for the chair to be folded up.  I don't mind as I always have the same thing - a special kebab on naan bread with salad.  This gives me enough meat to bring home for my tea - and I've never yet managed to finish the naan bread.

Breakfast:  Porridge with protein powder & 1.5 tsp sugar

Lunch:  special kebab on naan bread with salad with half a jug of pineapple lassi

Evening:  Chicken & sheik kebab left over from lunch, fruit & yogurt, kinder egg.

Snack:  Atkins Endulge chocolate bar.

Drinks:  half a jug of  pineapple lassi, 3 large decaf coffees. 1 pint water

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