March 10th, 2005

Today's food

A friend of ours gets married in 2 days in Thailand.

A friend - inititate - of ours who should have moved on but keeps on coming back has met a girl in Thailand and is overjoyed at the prospect of marrying her, and the marriage will probably work because he wants so much to have a family of his own.

This guy is about 28 now. He joined the army when he was 17, found the Goddess whilst lying in a ditch in Northern Ireland for 7 hours and is now an ardent Goddess worshipper - although he now balances this with the God too. When he'd been in 9 years and was a lance-corporal he got shot - by one of his own troops. They were clearing their guns after being on the range and one of them hadn't realised he still had a bullet in and it entered just above Rik's left kneecap and exited below it. He nearly lost his leg. Word went out around the witches of the area and spells were done to help save his leg. Whether it worked or not he kept that leg. This was how we first heard of him. A couple of years later he turned up asking for initiation. Anyway, we gave him his second and closed the coven - all in the same day. He is a very capable and compassionate priest.

He could have just given up. He got a decent payout from the army but as he was a career soldier and infantry at that he had no training for anything on civvie street - and he's crippled too. He worked nights in a petrol station when we first met him and would come over straight from work on a Saturday. Once he got his payout he bought himself a nice house and a nice car - a vw beetle cabriolet in black. In November a friend of his asked him to make up 4 lads going to Thailand for a holiday, he didn't really want to but he did. Next we heard was that he was flying out on Boxing Day. We worried about him with the Tsunami but he was in Bangkok and they apparently knew very little about it - treated like a joke - and was amazed when he got home to see the pictures.

He went back again and when he got home he rang us to say that he'd met a Thai girl (23) in a bar, fallen for her, gone to her parents farm and stayed with them for a week or so and had then asked her to marry him. The mother went to the Buddhist Temple to ask the Monks when would be a good time for the marriage - they being smart picked 12 March knowing they'd be fools to let him get away. He'll treat her well, she'll probably never work, he'll want babies, a dog the whole lot and be as happy as can be.

Breakfast: Cottage cheese & fresh pineapple

Lunch: chicken on rye bread, mini salami sticks, kinder egg.

Evening: Cheese on oatcakes

Snacks: danish pastry (naughty, naughty) mini salami sticks.

Drinks: 2 arge decaf, 1 large latte, 1/2 pint slimline tonic 1.5 pints iced water
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