March 6th, 2005

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I got up this morning to find that Tantchen Nudelholz has been making friends overnight.  (The fimo people are my own creation and are the Boo family - Mother Boo, Father Boo, Baby Boo and Boo the Dog)  Boo the dog is a sort of daschund so that'll be what brought them together

they all look very happy to meet her.  Missing next to tweety pie is my Minerva owl - Tantchen Nudelholz is getting on well with our Gods & Goddesses, they don't seem to faze her at all! lol

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1st Assignment

I got my first assignment for my OU course back yesterday morning. I got 65% which was my dream score. I didn't think I'd get that and would have been happy with anything over 45% (a pass). The tutor explained last week that we shouldn't worry so much about individual assignments but it's difficult. The scoring goes like this: The assignments (7 in all) give half the overall mark and the exam the other half. Also at the end all the assignment marks are added together (except the last one) and divided by 6 if this mark is higher than any of your assignments it is substituted for your lowest mark. I'm now starting work on my next assignment - "Why is Frankenstein considered a Gothic novel and Fathers and Sons and Great Expectations considered realist? Discuss in an essay of not more than 1500 words, with reference to Frankenstein and either Fathers and Sons or Great Expectations."  - The answer - I haven't got a clue - no not true I have but I don't know how to put it in this essay.  (Whoops) - Hopefully I'll work it out before the end of March.
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Today's Food

I've been very good today and done some more studying on Frankenstein I've typed up my notes from the tutorial last week and I persuaded  poliphilo  to do his (though I resent the idea that I marched in and told him to do them - I more glided quietly in and, handing him his notebook, begged him gently if he would help me by doing them ! - lol).  I've very nearly finished Frankenstein stuff for now - I might be able to stay awake for Great Expectations this week - until the dreaded essay.  I'm going to start writing little health prompts at the end of my food updates just so that I know where I am.  I'll put them behind a cut so that no-one else needs to read them - I'm bored with me going on about my health never mind how the rest of you must feel.


Breakfast:  porridge, protein powder & 1.5 tsp sugar.

Lunch:  cooked ham,  2 pineapple rings &salad, cherry yogurt.

Evening:  chicken breast, potato salad, pineapple, 3 oatcakes, strawberries & yogurt.

Snacks:  smoked salmon & a mini pepperoni stick.

Drinks:  1 large herbal tea, 1 decaf filter coffee, 1 large decaf, 3/4 pint slimline tonic water, 1 liter of iced water.


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