March 5th, 2005

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I love abstract art, sculptures and photos.  Do you think this counts?



For those who haven't guessed it's my finger - I was trying to plug the lead into it to download the piccies and it took this.  But is it Art?

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Today's food

I agree it's not the best - or anywhere near - abstract photo posted, but it was a shame to waste it - and I like it though I hadn't realise the colour of my finger was so patchy.

We went into Manchester today.  poliphilo  has taken to an Indian 'Restaurant' we've found and wanted to go there for lunch so it seemed like a good way of giving the wheelchair a run and seeing how it handled - and I'm all for someone else cooking lunch - so off we went.  It hadn't snowed overnight for the first time in a couple of weeks but there were flurries as we left.   I did very little walking - I can never get all my 'bits' working in harmony.  If one thing is fine another is stiff and aching, this last day or two it's been my knees hurting more than my hips, except at night.    poliphilo reckons this has something to do with me being disabled and unable to work, but I'd rather think that I'm pulling a fast one and dossing at home.  I know really that I don't work because I can't - I used to be a secretary but just typing this entry is about the most I can do in an hour or so before my fingers start to stiffen.   So I sit at home (it's a hard life) and do very little - which makes me a little ashamed at times.


Breakfast:  Porridge with protein powder 0.75 tsp sugar & 3 Stevia drops

Lunch:  Mixed kebab on naan bread with salad & a half jug of mango lassi (about 1/3 drunk by  poliphilo ).  The chicken and sheik (sp?) kebab brought home for my tea.

Evening:  chicken and sheik (sp?) kebab , pears in lime jelly, kinder egg.

Drinks:  2 large herbal teas, 1 large latte, 1/2 pint slimline tonic water, 1.5 pints iced water.

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