March 3rd, 2005

Today's food

My parents came round to see me this afternoon - they usually do this every Thursday arrive 2pm leave 3.15 pm. Today they stayed later and it was 3.30 when they left. The thing is that they talk at me all the time. If I tell them something we're doing they wait until I've finished and then get back on with telling me what's happening with them, their friends (most of whom nowadays I haven't met) their friends dogs (ditto), who'se died & funny things that happen around the masons. poliphilo makes my dad a cup of coffee and then leaves us to it. He and my mother had a falling out - over me - about 7 or 8 years ago and he tries not to have much to do with them. For all the heartache I've had over their treatment of me I just see them as 2 sad old people nowadays. As long as neither of them expect to live with us when the 'other one' dies - but my father does if he's left. He told me many years ago that the reason for having daughters was so that you had someone to look after you in old age - that they should leave their own families and go back to their parents if they need them! No Way.

Breakfast: Porridge with protein powder & 1.5 tsp sugar.

Lunch: Turkey & broccoli, lime jelly with pear pieces

Evening: Turkey, applesauce & yogurt.

Snacks: turkey, kinder egg. apple
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