February 26th, 2005

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Whilst we were in Manchester for my tutorial today, we went to the Craft Centre to see what was happening with my engagement ring (quick recap - we took it in to be made smaller and they discovered that the bezel was very worn and needed replacing so we agreed and paid for it to be done).  Rochelle from the Craft Centre rang on Wednesday to say that there was a problem - they couldn't replace the bezel as the ring was done without a casting and would fall apart if they tried messing with it.  We asked how much it would cost etc., to have the stone put into a new identical ring and were told that Ewa the person who designed it would ring us - she was busy with a customer - and discuss our options.  She didn't.

As Ewa only works 3 days a week now we talked to Rochelle today.  Apparently Ewa and she had decided that as Alexanarite is only a cheap stone we should carry on with the ring as it is until the stone fell out - 2 or 3 years they reckoned and then replace it.  But the stone was the first thing that Tony -  poliphilo - chose for me.  The setting came second.

I can still picture him taking all different types of stones, one at a time, out of the shop onto the walkway where there was direct light and checking them over until he found the 'right' stone - my Alexandarite, so there's no way I want to lose it.  I asked him if he would buy me a new ring to replace it so that I could keep my engagement ring intact and just wear it now and again.  He agreed and has bought me a beautiful amethyst (purple being my favourite colour) set in silver, of course.

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Today's Food

My nails are a mess. Bits break off of them at the slightest chance. I can't grow my thumb nails even to the top of my fingers before they split and break up across the top. I use a nail hardener - though it needs renewing. I take vitamins, calcium, ginseng, ginko biloba (sp?). I just don't know what else to do. Any ideas anyone?

Breakfast: Porridge with protein powder.

Lunch: Mixed kebab on naan (only ate about 1/3 naan bread) and salad, with pineapple lassi to drink.

Evening: Chicken, scotch egg, strawberries & yogurt.

No snacks. - Oh yes a wrapped biscuit I got from Starbucks weeks ago because I was starting to go hypoglycaemic (sp?)

Drinks: 3 large Deca coffees, 1 cappuchine - with fat free milk, 1/2 pint slimline tonic & 1 pint water.
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