February 25th, 2005

Floppsie & His New American Girlfriend

jackiejj sent us a parcel of all sorts of exciting things, including a young American girlfriend for Floppsie Allen (who'se over 80).  He hasn't really got the hang of it all yet but when asked to he was happy to put his arm around her...

Thank you Jackie for all the things you've sent.  I intend to try the peeps candy at sometime, and the eggs that the windups were in are already in use as my moneyboxes.

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Today's Food

This morning I was just sitting and thinking that I was going to have to face Frankenstein again when my sister-in-law arrived to take me shopping. she had said that she'd ring and let me know if she'd be free, but decided that I'd sit in all day if she did that so just called on spec. We went to a very cheap supermarket Lidl which sells lots of European meats and stuff. And we chatted and chatted. It was fun. And then when I got home there was the parcel from jackiejj to open. It's been a very good day.

Breakfast: Porridge with 20 grams protein powder.

Lunch: 2 chicken wraps, kinder egg.

Tea: Chicken. Strawberry yogurt

Snacks: Scotch Egg. Peeps rabbits.

Drinks: 5 large decaf coffees. 1 liter iced water.

It's up early tomorrow and off to a tutorial in Manchester where we will be focusing on... Frankenstein What Fun! lol
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