February 23rd, 2005

6 things I've done

in answer to aellia 6 things I've done that you don't know:

1. Met and married poliphilo in 4 months.
2. Appeared on a TV show hosted by Anthony Wilson
3. Became a JP - the first English (known) Witch JP
4. Had to give it up before being sworn in as a Magistrate because of the media interest.
5. With poliphilo wrote a book on Wicca - Illustrated Guide to Wicca - at the publishers request.
6. Had a film made about me/us (& our coven) by Manchester Met University Students that aired on BBC2 late one night.
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Today's Food


I've been making cards today. I've bought a lot of new designs and am making them up for the first time. They each arrive with a single colour metallic thread for the stitching, but I always use my own colours - and usually more than 1. Today's have been flowers - mainly in vases - and I can't see the point in doing them all in one colour. Except for this one of a tulip which I've done in irridescent white thread on dark green card


Breakfast:  4 turkey sausages, strawberries & yogurt

Lunch:  3/4 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup pineapple, & 1 mandarin orange, lime jelly with pears

Evening:  quorn tandoori (home-made) 1/2 cup cooked rice. blueberry yogurt

Snacks:  smoked salmon & oatcakes, kinder egg,

Drinks:  3 large decaf coffees, 1 liter iced water 1/2 pint slimline tonic water.

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