February 21st, 2005

Today's Food

When I went to the opticians in November he dilated my eyes as usual (I'm a diabetic) and the pressure went up... and up in my left eye so he sent me to the hospital straight away. From that trip I was told to get my doctor to refer me to the Glaucoma clinic as the pressure in my eye is usually high. Today I got to go and see the eye doctor for assessment. He put yellow drops in my eyes to look at them properly, checked the pressure in both eyes - both fine - then put more drops in so that he could attach a lens to each eyeball in turn. This showed that my left eye isn't draining properly - so he'll refer me to the hospital to the Glaucoma clinic (duh) and he reckons that I need the eye lasering - having small holes burnt through the iris so that it can drain. Apparently I won't be able to see the holes but I still don't fancy it. And I'm not to allow anyone to dilate my eyes until after I've been given the all clear by the hospital.

So really it was a waste of time. It will be up to the hospital what actually gets done and this doctor will now write to the same place that my GP wrote to. Lets hope they don't send me off at a tangent again.

Breakfast: strawberries & yogurt, 50g turkey, 50g garlic sausage

Snack: kinder egg (before swimming)

Lunch: cod in herb sauce.

Snack: Garlic sausage & oatcakes

Evening: 3 soya sausages, scrambled egg, baked beans

Drinks: 4 large decaf coffees, 1 pint iced water.

I went swimming with my sister-in-law this morning. Someone had left a tap open overnight so the pool had flooded with cold water. We went in even though it said it was 'colder than usual' but I only managed 10 minutes before I started stiffening up quite badly - it was really cold, just like cold water out of the tap. Since then I've not been able to get warm all day.
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