February 15th, 2005

Today's Food

Whenever we go out or I do something I end up falling asleep all the next day. I suppose I'm not used to expending the energy that I am. I'm also eating a lot.

Breakfast: 20 grams protein powder 1 cup strawberries 2 soya links sausages (making 30g protein)

Lunch: tuna steak (cremated in the microwave) 1 portion of mushy peas & about 15 chips. Yogurt & fruit.

Evening: 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 mandarin orange, 1 cup pineapple, oatcakes

Snacks: Stilton cheese, mandarin oranges 1 slice of granary bread.

I've not hit 'the zone' today - all I want to do is sleep - again. I think I may be in my flare up for Spring - I have one every season change. Usually they are very painful hopefully this one is just sleeping
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