February 14th, 2005

Yesterday's Food

I forgot to do my food thingy for yesterday. It shows how dopey I was.

Breakfast: 4 rashers soya bacon 1 slice bread, strawberries & yogurt

Lunch: tuna steak,broccoli & applesauce

Evening: 3 sausages, yogurt & honey

Snack: kinder egg, cheese

Drinks: 2 coffees, 1 large herbal tea 1 pint iced water, 1 pint slimline tonic water.
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Today's food

We've been into Manchester today to collect my wedding and engagement ring which were being made smaller and my birthday ring off my sister-in-law Ruth which had lost a stone.

When we went to collect them, the woman - I think she's the one who made them - explained how the bezel on the engagement ring was getting very thin and there was a chance we'd lose the stone. When we went to have the ring made (it's in silver) the first thing we did was to pick a stone - it's an alexandarite the hardest stone there is, manmade, and it changes colour from grey, through blue to deep purple. Once we had the stone we picked the setting for it. So the stone is the most important bit of it. We agreed to have a new bezel put on and we collect it at the end of the month. At least I have a wedding ring that I can wear now. I've been wearing it on a chain round my neck for the last year or so as after losing weight in 2001 my ring size went down by 3 full sizes and if I flicked my finger they both flew off. Now it's a size M and fits beautifully - can't wait to get my engagement ring too.

Breakfast: 3 soya link sausages, strawberries & yogurt.

Lunch: Mixed donner (lamb tikka, chicken tikka donner meat & a kebab) on naan bread - I brought the chicken home and left at least half of the bread.

Evening: chicken tikka from lunch, rhubarb yogurt.

Snack: Cheese & apple.

Drinks: 1 large decaf, 1 large latte, 1 large herbal tea, 1 pint iced water, 1 pint slimline tonic water.
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