February 4th, 2005

Today's food

I was up pretty early this morning and sat at my desk (well table really) doing my Open University stuff by 8 am. Since then I've been swimming and shopping with my sister-in-law - and fallen asleep in front of the computer!

Breakfast: The usual - 20 grams protein powder, strawberries & blueberries

Snack before swimming: 2 oatcakes with smoked salmon & 1 pkt soy nuts

Lunch: Tuna steak, peppers & onion, fruit yogurt.

Snack 2 small pepperoni sticks.

Evening: Cottage cheese with pineapple & blueberries. Piece of edam cheese, 20 grams chicken breast 3 macademia nuts.

Apart from fruit I've completely gone off carbs. I'm happy to eat my protein & fruit and very few veg.

Drinks: 2 large herbal teas, 3 glasses water - part of the swimming pool. (yuk)

I'm off for a very, very early night now. My first tutorial is tomorrow in Manchester at 10am so we'll have to leave for the train by 8.30 am and I want to have done another 2.5 - 3 hours studying before we go. So I want to be up by 5 at the latest. - I don't mind as early mornings are my favourite time of the day - and when I'm most awake. I'm one of those annoying people that hold conversations with people as soon as my eyes are open - I think better then.
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