January 22nd, 2005

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Before we came to London I was worried that I would be tempted to break my new eating regime. I’ve always used going away – and eating in restaurants & cafes – as an excuse to have a dessert and a cake with a coffee mid afternoon. But I feel so well on what I’m eating that I don’t want to eat the wrong things. I’m quite happy to sit & watch [Bad username: Poliphilo] enjoy a sickly (he doesn’t like sweet things unless they are very, very sickly) chocolate cake.

Breakfast: Chicken - from night before, yogurt, pineapple & orange

Lunch: Salmon fillet & salad

Evening: Turkey & Rye bread, blueberry yogurt

Snacks: 1 Advantage chocolate bar (low carb), 2 oz cheeese & an apple

Drinks: Water - approx 1/2 liter, 5 large herbal teas, 1/2 pint low calorie tonic water
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Today's Food

We had a lovely day out today in the East End of London at the Whitechapel Gallery with poliphilo 's sister and her partner. Before the gallery tour we had lunch in an Indian restaurant (the 3rd time for us during our stay here) and afterwards we went for a walk round the east end as Ian 9the partner) is writing a book set in the area in the early 1900s and he wanted to see what was left from those days - see if he could get ideas of pub names etc.,

Each day I've done a little more walking - today I did about 4000 steps - still under half of the 10000 a day we should all do to stay healthy but not bad for a wheelchair user - though I did it in between being pushed and I lent on my chair all the time. I don't think Icould just walk without something to lean on.

Breakfast: Cottage cheese & oranges slice turkey breast.

Lunch: Tandoori mixed gril - smaller than before.

Snack: Leftover meat from lunch.

Evening: 2 slices of German rye bread (black bread) with honey roast turkey, blueberry yogurt.

Drinks 3 milky coffees (naughty I know) 1 large herbal tea, 1 pint slimline tonic water, 2 glasses sparkling water.

I'm used to having a flask of iced water besides me all day. I've been drinking coffee because the water here - it's hard water and we are used to very soft water - makes lousy tea and they charge a fortune for bottled water - I've had a couple of glasses of diet coke but I'm not really very fond of it.

Apologies to everyone whose journals I should be commenting on, but at 25p per minute we try not to stay on line long - and i think that poliphilo 's letters to friends and blog takes priority - it is his birthday trip after all. So i'll catch up with you all on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning.
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