January 21st, 2005

Happy Birthday poliphilo Oh & yesterday's food

Our outings are put so much better by my better half [Bad username: Poliphilo] that I’ll leave it to him to give the main reports on them.

Today is HAPPY BIRTHDAY poliphilo day. 54 years old and he is still the nicest person I have ever met – I’m glad I was smart enough to hang on to him (lol)

After yesterday’s wander round the City of London and Westminster we’re going to explore Kensington Park more fully. We’ve been here several times over the last couple of summers and autumns but seem to have left it until mid-winter to go round the parks whilst spending the warm weather in galleries and museums.

Food for 20 Jan 2005.

Breakfast: chicken left from night before, yogurt , orange & pineapple

Lunch: Anti pasta & fruit salad

Evening: Tandoori mixed grill – with some kept for breakfast (about the size of my palm)

Drinks: 2 herbal teas, 1 coffee, ½ pint slimline tonic.

The knife wound on my foot has now become infected – this always seems to happen now I’m diabetic – so we went out and bought some special plasters that should encourage it to heal quickly. Yesterday morning I couldn’t have a shower as we had no bath mat & the risk of falling was too great. So, one of the nice things about my hair being so short, I washed my hair at the sink.
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