January 11th, 2005

Today's food

I went swimming today for the first time since the New Year. I really enjoyed it, I've always loved being in water.  I had expected to go yesterday but discovered that my sister-in-law is in France.

poliphilo is still not well.  He's feverish and seems to have no energy, so much so that he went to bed this afternoon for a couple of hours - most of the time he was reading his Ghosts book, but he also slept for a while.  This just isn't like him.  It worries me when he's ill, I fuss around him which I know is not a good thing to do - he hates being fussed over.

Breakfast:  20 grams protein powder, 1 cup raspberries - knocked me for six -had to have 2 slices of cheese before I was fully awake again. 

Snack:  2 blackpepper oatcakes & 20 grams smoked salmon half an hour before going swimming.

Lunch.  Savoury mince as yesterday.  2 tinned half apricots with yogurt.

Evening: 1cup cottage cheese, 1/3 cup tinned mandarin oranes 1 slice of ranary bread.

Snack: 2 blackpepper oatcakes & 10 grams smoked salmon

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