January 10th, 2005

Today's food

Another day of eating right.  I can't believe how much I'm enjoying it.  Where was this diet 35 years ago, when I started dieting.  Before then I wasn't allowed to.  When I ot TB in 1956 or 7 the treatments were quite hit and miss.  My father had already had 1 brother and 1 sister die of TB - his sister died just as the real treatment, streptomyacin was coming in, but it had to be taken in raw liver, which had to be chewed and she just couldn't do it.  That was 1950.

In the hospital I was in they were testing 3 treatments - 1 was injections of old - which caused a lot of kids to go blind, 1 was injections of streptomyacin - and the other I don't know but it caused brittle bones.  I was lucky in that I ot the streptomyacin.  I was in hospital about 8 or nine months and when I came out they discovered I also had TB in my eye  (I was in such a short time with it being in my knee - traced back to drinking milk straight after milking on my uncle's farm).

Rather than be sent back into hospital, as I wasn't infectious, I was given these tablets that looked just like brown smarties, which I had to chew 4 at a time (I can almost taste them still) and which were absolutely disusting - back to the liver taste I expect. 

After all of this my parents were told that the kids who were really cured and wouldn't have a relapse were the ones which put on weight.  So my parents made sure I put on weight.  I don't blame them for it, but I was almost 16 before any doctor would allow me to lose weight - and I've been trying to ever since.

Breakfast:  20 grams protein powder, 1.25 cups strawberries, 1 piece light Leedermar cheese.

Lunch:  Savoury soya mince, with leeks, mushrooms, courgettes & eggplant.

Evening:  Cold savoury soya mince as above with sprouted beans & chickpeas.

Drinks:  2 liters of iced water, 1/2 pint slimline tonic water & 2 cups of herbal tea.

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The Zone Diet

I've stated before that I'm taking quite a few supplements anyway but Barry Sears of the Zone diet expects his people to take Omega 3 fish oils - in fact like Atkins he insists on it. But here's the thing 4000 m per day. The usual being 650mg or 'super strength' 1000mg. I bought some, but as you can imagine, I'm getting through them pretty fast (mine are 650's so I'm taking 6 a day).  So today I wanted to go into Oldham and buy some more. 

I told poliphilo that I wanted to go to Holland & Barrett and as he isn't at all well today I suggested that I go on my own.  But no he wouldn't have that.  He came with me - me happily in the wheelchair, going slowly so that he - poor sicko - could keep up.  We went to Holland & Barrett and where, had I of been alone, I'd have mooched a bit and wandered around, he of course, turned round to come back home.

When we got home - after me keep telling him how he shouldn't have come with me, and that I would have been fine on my own - how iut would have been a change, and wouldn't do me any harm now and again to be more independent - he said "You're right I should have waited until tomorrow and sent you with Denise". 

I gave him 'a look' as I am capable of going out on my own but he won't let me.  Occasionally I 've been able to go to the Doctors alone, but he doesn't like it.  I love how protective he is of me, but .....

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