December 19th, 2004

Family party

For the first time since poliphilo  and I married we will be hosting the Chadwick Family party on the Monday after Christmas.  It's usually held at my sister-in-law (Ruth) and brother's home, but since Ruth's mother died almost two years ago Ruth hasn't been able to work up any enthusiasm.  Last year she got through it on a sort of automatic pilot so we offered then to take it on.  The decision, though, was only made last Thursday the 16th, so it's been a rush to sort it out.

There'll only be 10-13 of us, and my mother and Ruth are both bringing food/drink, but it is still costing us a fortune.  Part of the problem is that my shopping is delivered by Tesco on every Tuesday so I've had to buy a full week's shopping plus the party food + drink (I don't fancy trolling around the supermarket in my wheelchair on Friday).  Then today we realised that the silver cutlery we kept in the shed has vanished so I've had to buy some new cutlery too.

The best thing about the whole event is that Tony's daughter, my step daughter, alice_g and her partner James, will not only be coming from Leicester for the do, but staying with us overnight.

Unfortunately  poliphilo's  2 sons won't be.   </span>manfalling  is in Japan and Joe is in the Falklands with the Army.  Neither of them really close enouht to 'nip' home.

We're both looking forward to seeing Alice & James and I'm looking forward to both Christmas and the party -  poliphilo  will put on a brave face and may even surprise himself by enjoying it. 

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