October 26th, 2004

UK versus US pricing

I enjoy beading pens - you buy a special metal pen in pieces bead covers for the 2 halves and assemble - I started off buying them from a company in England at £8.50 each + £2.00 (variable - approx) p&p. I've now found a site in the US (http://www.artcraftworld.com/beads) who sell them for $6.25 + $4.95 p&p ($9.00 to the UK).    This seems to happen across a wide range of items - it's cheaper to buy things from the US and import them than to buy them here.  I've found sometimes with Amazon.co.uk that they take the US price and just change the $ sign to a £ sign.  It's bloody annoying.


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Shootin burglars

On the radio at the moment is a discussion on te law about what happens if a burglar breaks in and you hurt him.  A Tory MP wants the law changing from using reasonable force to being able to do anything you like to an intruder - beat them with a baseball bat, stab them, shoot them whatever. 

I realise that finding an intruder in your home is traumatic - but enough to allow you to murder them?  There was a contrevertial case a few years ago where a farmer, living in an almost derelict building, shot a 16 year old burglar - in the back - and killed him and shot his friend in the leg - and was sent to prison.  To some people he was a hero, to others a common killer.

One problem is the 'reasonable' of reasonable force.  People often find themselves in court for injuring intruders - one guy has just said how he dragged 2 youngsters, who were breaking into his garage,  into his house to ring the police, and they got cuts to their necks from the zips on their jackets (he had them by the back of their necks).  They took him to court and he was fined £350.


I don't know where I stand really - I hate violence, but if someone was in my house at 3 in the morning I doubt I would react rationally. 



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Which ........ are you? ... Who would you vote for etc.,

I love these silly on-line quizzes. I've just done one to see which spammer I am but didn't really understand it so I've done one about which OS are you and I am

You are Amiga OS. Ahead of your time.  You keep a lot of balls in the air.  If only your parents had given you more opportunities to suceed.
Which OS are You?

(I only post it because it says nice things!!)

& here's another one:

You preferred Kerry's statements 67% of the time
You preferred Bush's statements 33% of the time

Voting purely on the issues you should vote Kerry

Who would you vote for if you voted on the issues?

Find out now!
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John Peel (1939-2004)

John Peel was a strange type of DJ. Once voted The Man With the Most Boring Voice on Radio he introduced a generation to new music - well, more than a generation as he started in Dallas in the 60s and was still 'a voice' for new music up to the present time. Recently he had a programme on Radio 4 - Home Truths where the general public told the stories of their life. Below is the BBC news about his death:

John Peel passes away
Last updated 26 October 2004

John Peel OBE, legendary Radio 1 and Radio 4 presenter, has died suddenly on holiday in Peru.

It has been confirmed that John died from a heart attack last night - he leaves behind his wife Sheila and four children.

The veteran broadcaster had worked for Radio 1 since its launch in 1967.

Radio 1 Controller Andy Parfitt said:

"John Peel was a broadcasting legend. I am deeply saddened by his death as are all who work at Radio 1."

"John's influence has towered over the development of popular music for nearly four decades and his contribution to modern music and music culture is immeasurable."

"Hopeful bands all over the world sent their demo tapes to John knowing that he really cared. His commitment and passion for new music only grew stronger over the years."

"In fact, when I last saw him he was engaged in a lively debate with his fellow DJs over the state of new music today. He will be hugely missed."

BBC Director of Radio & Music Jenny Abramsky added:

"John Peel was a unique broadcaster whose influence on Radio 1 could be felt from its very first days. He nurtured musicians and listeners alike introducing them to new sounds."

"His open minded approach to music was mirrored by his equally generous approach to his audience when he went to Radio 4 to present Home Truths."

"He had a remarkable rapport with all his listeners. Everyone at BBC Radio is devasted by the news. John is simply irreplaceable. Our hearts go out to Sheila and his children."

Tributes have already started pouring in from artists and music fans around the world - we've got a place for you to add your own.

We also have a messageboard where you can share your memories of John.

For advice on how to cope with bereavement go to One Life's help pages.
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Walkin funny - funnier than usual

I'm disabled and use a wheelchair when we go out.    I've been trying to walk more, but in Oldham you're either going up a hill or down one.  When I walk I use my wheelchair to hold onto and going downhill could be seen as funny (there's no brakes on the handles for those unfamiliar with w'chairs) as I either need help to hold the chair or go faster and faster - and then fall over or let go.

So I've bought an elliptical walker.  The blurb says it's like walking but there's no impact - you hold onto one pole with each hand and move your feet backwards and forwards, a bit like skiing I reckon.  It arrived this evening and  poliphilo  very kindly assembled it after he'd eaten his tea.    He's sure it's a second a) it was already partly assembled - I said it comes that way, b) the monitor on it  keeps falling over - I moved it from the middle and now it's okay and c) we appear to have to right hand poles - no comment.  I've been on it and apart from the sensation of falling over backwards, I can't remember how to walk and swing my arms.   I can see my reflection in the window, I hope no-one in any of the flats opposite look my way I look like an .... well I don't know what on stilts.   Now I'm sweating madly, my back and legs hurt and my feet ache - and after only 10 minutes on and off.

But I will persevere - my physio wants me to persevere - my doctor wants me to persevere and my waistline needs   me to persevere.  I will, I will, I will (I hope)

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