July 6th, 2004


Finally after over two weeks I'm able to look at the computer screen again - well no that's not totally true. Where my headache means that the screen can make me feel sick it's not been all the time. But I just haven't had the energy in between times to get on here and write. 

Poor  poliphilo having to put up with me.  I do try not to whinge but - it </span>


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Open University

In the 1980s (84-86), when my first marriage was starting to totter I did some courses with the OU. I did Foundation Level Maths, 2nd level pure maths and Foundation Level Technology. Then everything went pear shaped. I'd actually been to an OU Day School when I came home and tried to commit suicide - whether the fact that I didn't understand the course (I think it was engineering in maths) had anything to do with the attempt I don't know. I dropped the course - which was the second one I'd dropped.

Then I met poliphilo  and thought about studying but I've always been too 'busy'.  I did a beginners conversational Urdu - which I dropped out of and poor poliphilo ended up completing for me.  But anyway, I'm going back to studying with the OU.  I've booked, and paid for, a 2nd level course - an Arts course - called Introduction to Literature.

When I was at school I did CSE English Literature - no Shakespeare or any other 'difficult' stuff, so it's going to be a challenge.

I'm lucky though that poliphilo will help out.  He's already started me off on some easy to read poetry - Stevie Smith & Sir John Betchemen (we have 3 cds of Sir John reading his own poetry, which are brilliant.).

I remember when I was at school (all those years ago) reading poetry was just something that you did, but I'm struggling to find, rhythym, timbre etc.,  I'll also be studying 3 Shakespeare plays - Henry V, Othello, and As You Like It.

I'm really looking forward to it - although it doesn't start until Feb 5 2005 - I've already read The Color Purple (a set book) and am reading a play - The rover - by Aphra Behn. 

I'm 50 this year, never did my homework (or most classwork) at school - it was progressive - and so haven't written an essay for at least 34 years, and probably never wrote a good one But I Will

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