June 14th, 2004

The British & their animals

My parents dog has died - well he took sick whilst in the kennels when they were on holiday and died the day after they came home. They are devastated. Yet at least in part they caused it. It was a cairn terrier and they gave it - dog food for breakfast, plus bonios, chicken drumsticks or cooked meat for lunch, sausage for tea and dog food for supper. Plus scraps from the table. It was very, very overweight, 8 years old and its kidneys packed in. For the past month I've had my mother in tears at every turn (my dad is really emotional all the time). But if my parents had made as much effort to fuss and spoil their grandkids as they always have with their pets they would a. see more of them (- though not me as they come and see me (duty call) every Thursday afternoon from 2pm to 3pm when they tell me all about their friends and what they've done, eaten etc., cry over the dog and go - if I try to tell them anything about my life they change the subject.   poliphilo  isn't very fond of them and won't even stay in the room with them, because of their behaviour to me and my bro.

They always ask if we've heard from 'the kids'. They also ask me about my brother and his wife as they rarely contact them.  

        and b. know them well enough to be able to buy them presents instead of just giving them a cheque for birthdays & xmas.

 I understand that a lot of people make a pet  a much loved member of the family. We had a houseful of cats at one time - up to 8 at one time - and I think it was just too many to get overly attached to one of them, although my favourite - a ginger neutered tom-cat called Blake - we gave away to a young family with 2 other cats who live in the country where he is wonderfully happy - and I still miss. The others have either been passed on for various reasons or have since died. Now we have no pets at all.

But on the street here quite a few of the houses now have dogs - until recently the Pakistanis didn't bother with dogs - and at least 1 (a German Shepherd) is left out in the garden all night to protect the property and spends a lot of his time barking, which then sets the other dogs off.  All day and all night flaming dogs barking!!

Though these aren't the worst - that honour is left to the people who walk their dogs along the street allowing them to crap on the pavement and not cleaning it up - or just let their dogs out to roam.

Personally (miserable sod that I am) I would like to see owners whose dogs foul being prosecuted - or have the dog taken off them permanently.

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