June 2nd, 2004

Another test match

I've been watching the English test cricket side since poliphilo & I got together in 1991, before then I thought it was boring. Now I'm a major fan and hooked, although I only ever get to see the home matches at the moment.

It was nice to see Andrew Strauss do so well in his first test but is Michael Vaughan right to move down the batting to allow Strauss to open with Trescothick?

 What happened to the idea of the right hand, left hand combination?   Are we going to make it easier on the NZ bowlers by having 2 left-handers open?   Strange isn't it that 4 out of the first 5 England Batsmen (Ithink) are all left-handed.

 I'm sorry to see Nasser finish now. It would have been good to see him reach 100 tests - but he's probably right to go out on a high - and when his replacement has arrived (hopefully).

Good luck tomorrow guys.

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