May 19th, 2004

Happy and Content

I am soooo tired. I'm sleeping 12 hours a night at the moment - but waking up refreshed so the Cipramil must be helping. I've started using an inflated inner from a pillow to put under my hips to stop the bursitis rubbing and waking me up.

We had a topper mattress from our District Nurses - they gave it to me 'cos I rubbed my ankle one night and ended up with a leg ulcer which took nearly a year to heal - we've taken that off the bed and put a mattress protector on, which is more comfy.

Also when I was swimming yesterday I managed to crick my neck - I don't have a clue how although I do the breast-stroke.

For all that I'm feeling wonderful. My mood is good, my anxiety level is very low and I'm really content with my life and my lot. My husband (Polifilo) is so supportive and I have a new friend in Khadija to add some variety to my life. And I get to read my friends' journal entries.

Thank you Lord and Lady for your blessings.
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